SolarTex has been brightening homes in Austin since 2006.  We expanded to Central Texas in 2008.  We are a certified Premier Dealer for all Solatube brand products.  We are a team of professionals ready to assist you with your daylighting and attic ventillation needs.  Here are a few reasons why our customers are confident working with us:

  1. Installers are all trained and certified by Solatube International.
  2. FREE in-home consultations available
  3. Solatube Daylighting Systems are installed in about 2 hours with no mess
  4. All installations and products are Guaranteed. We stand behind our products 100%
  5. Solatube Daylighting Systems have revolutionized the Daylighting Industry.  We are the original, with over 1 million sold nationwide; don't be fooled by look-alikes
  6. Our Showroom is lit entirely by Solatube Daylighting Systems

  The SolarTex Team: Ron, Rory, Melissa, Daniel, Wil, & Molly 

SolarTex Upcoming Events

We like to get out and about from time to time. Find out where we’ll be demonstrating Solatube products or attending trade shows below. We hope to see you there!

Event Date Time Location
Austin Home & Garden Show Friday, August 24, 2018 to Sunday, August 26, 2018 Friday: 2pm-7pm; Saturday: 10am-7pm; Sunday: 11am-5pm Austin Convention Center
Sun City Vendor Fair Friday, September 14, 2018 9am-2pm 2 Texas Drive, Georgetown TX


Find out what it’s really like to own a Solatube daylighting or attic ventilation system. Just read the customer comments below. Then, if you’re ready to learn more, contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation. There’s absolutely no obligation, and our professional Certified Installation Consultants arrive when it’s convenient for you.

Solar Star RM 1600 Attic Fan

"Today Solartex Installation Consultant (Rory) came to my home to install two attic fans.  First I would like to say that he was prompt, he said 9:00 am and he meant it. He introduced himself, evaluated what had to be done and did it.  Once he completed installation of the fans he went over the product again, advised me on how they worked and reviewed the product and service warranty. The Customer Service with Solartex from the initial call, consultation (price quote) and installation has been nothing but exceptional. My neighbor recommended Solartex to me and I am pleased I took her advice and called. 
     My attic is smoking hot and I am hoping that the fans will cut down on the accumulation of heat and save me a few dollars on the electricity bill (will let you know later). Would recommend in a heartbeat for the customer service alone."

-Denise, Pflugerville, TX


"Our expectations have been more than met with our Solatube! While exploring our options.we had the privilege of dealing with Angie, Melissa and Victoria. All were so friendly and helpful. Sean was extremely professional and his experience really showed in the quick installation. Some friends have complained that their solar tunnel products really did not provide much light. NOT OUR SOLATUBE! WOW! I keep thinking I need to turn off the light! It not only lights up the interior bathroom, but reflects light out into the formerly dark hall and the other sink area in an adjoining bedroom! Besides the quality product, the outstanding customer service, with promptness and follow-up, makes our Solatube experience perfect. Couldn't ask for better!"

-Judy and Philip, Austin, TX


When I needed a source for solatubes for a client of mine, I found Solartex.  But more importantly, we found Sean. What a wonderful installation experience he made it for my client. She is beyond happy with his work and the manner in which he conducted himself while in her home.  In her words, "He is a quiet, thorough and smart worker, a real pleasure."  Thank you Sean and Solartex for taking such good care of my client. 

-Ann Marie, Interior Designer


The solatubes are terrific!  I cannot explain what a difference they've made.  Turned our "cave" living room into a bright area.  And, the hallway!  What a difference it's made.  The installation was quick and very painless.  Great job!  I plan on getting 4 more.

-MaryJo, Georgetown


It seems that every time i have something done, or scheduled to be done at my home, there is always one problem after another. But not the case with SolarTex they showed up exactly when they were scheduled to. On a scale of 1-5, you get a 6 for great customer service. You were a great company to work with. Thanks 

-Deanna C. Cedar Park


We saw the ad for Solatube in the Sun Rays magazine here in Sun City Georgetown shortly after we moved here. We had a unit installed in our kitchen and it brightens it immensely. We thoroughly enjoy having Solatube in our home. 

-Phyllis O., SunCity

Solatube 160 DS Daylighting System

I am very satisfied with Ryan's installation. He installed a Solatube with the add-on ventilation kit in my small, dark, guest bathroom. The builder had vented my guest bathroom up into the attic; therefore we always had excessive steam build up after a bath, or shower. I honestly did not think the Solatube add-onn ventilation motor was strong enough to pull the air, and steam out of the bathroom, and vent outside via the roof vent, but I was wrong. I am happy to say, there is absolutely no more foggy mirror (clear and dry), or steam build up in the bathroom. Ryan was courteous, he politely answered my numerous questions, and he cleaned-up after the installation. Ryan represents the SolarTex company very well. 

-MF, Central TX

Solatube 160 DS Daylighting System

I have now installed two 10" Solatubes myself and wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the results. The first Solatube was put in a dark interior bathroom which always required turing on an electric light. My wife requested this Solatube as a Valentine's Day progect, so how could i refuse? Thanks to the terrific step-by-step instructions and clear diagrams it really wasn't difficult. I like the fact that everything was included in the kit, even the roof caulking. All of the pieces feel strong and are well crafted from high quality materials. Needless to say the bathroom is so much brighter now! I often catch myself thinking i left the light on when its only the Solatube. A year later i didn't need any convincing as a "honey do project" to make a second bathroom Solatube installation with the same fantastic results. Thanks for bringing such a great product to the Austin market.

-Clay L. Pflugerville, TX

Oct 4, 2017
Our solatube has transformed our dark living room. We could not be any happier with our decision. Installation was prompt, quick, professional. The installer advised us on where to place it and it's perfect. The night light feature is awesome. Highly recommend this company and product.
Aug 14, 2017
I couldn't be more pleased with the results of our newly added solartube in our home. Much more than we expected. I would recommend this product to anyone with area lighting issues. And the nightlight is such a great added feature. For the money, one of the best investments we have made to our home.
Jul 29, 2017
I couldn't be happier with SolarTex and the results of our lighting transformation. We really lived in a cave all these years and are now awash in sunlight.
May 1, 2017
Today I got my second solatube installed in my two story condo.The first one was put in a dark guest bath 13 years ago. the second one was more complicated. for a long time, my living room has been getting more shade from mature trees outside my place. I sought the advice of my contractor, an interior design professional and various others as to how I can get more natural light into my condo. I finally called Solartex and had them come out. There were the only ones who sugges...ted that I use a corner of my guest bedroom closet to run a tube from my attic to my first floor via the closet. It was a fairly long run but my entryway is a totally different space now. It really takes a company like Solartext to know how things will really turn out and I am glad I decided to pay a bit more and use them instead of just buying a tube and having my contractor put it in. they did a great job and had a creative solution for my space. See more
Apr 28, 2017
We just got two installed one in the kitchen and another in the living room, my house is kind of dark and these made a huge difference. Going for at least two more in the near future. Great customer service and Daniel is very professional and respectful. Oh and we got the fan too huge difference
Apr 8, 2017
From the beginning of researching Solatube to the installation, I have been very pleased with the professionalism of the people, the process, and the product. I only wish I would have done this earlier. The two dark bathrooms with Solatubes has even brightened the hallway.
Apr 7, 2017
The installers were great! Fast, professional and very neat. So happy with the light and bright result!
Apr 6, 2017
This is an exceptional company, with terrific customer service. They just replaced, under full 100% warranty, a failed solar attic fan that the previous owner of my home in Sun City Georgetown had installed by Solartex in early 2014. The previous owners left me no records of this installation, but Solartex looked up the "work order" from 2014 and told me they would replace it for free - - even though I wasn't the "original owner." They followed up twice on the scheduled replacement which took place this afternoon, and the technician they sent was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and professional. Solartex has a great reputation here in Sun City, and I can see why. I highly recommend them.
Nov 30, 2016
SolarTex is a very professionally run company. Set an appointment immediately and had prompt and efficient work done. We love the natural light in our kitchen which was dark in the past. And the cost is very reasonable.
Aug 12, 2016
We had a Tube Skylight installed in the kitchen area by SolarTex whose office is in Austin, Texas. It was the most welcome way to brighten the whole area. The salesman and the technicians, who did the installation, were very friendly and attentive. The skylight is guaranteed for ten years and the installation for five. We are very satisfied with this product and the company that sells it and installs it. Try it in your house to brighten a very dark room. You will be very pleasantly surprised.